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Animal Services

We are passionate about animal care

Small Animal

* Dentistry
* Digital X-ray Technology
    (CR Radiology)
* Cardiology (EKG)
* Ultrasound
* Endoscopy
* Electrocautery
* In-House Laboratory
* Pharmacy
* Soft Tissue Surgery
* Orthopedic Surgery
* Intensive Medical Care
* Pet Health Medicine

Small Animal Cont.

* Preventative Healthcare
* Flea & Tick Preventatives
    and Treatments
* Heartworm Preventatives
    and Treatment
* Microchipping
* Grooming
* Boarding
* Pet Adoptions
* Euthanasia/Cremation
* Hill's Science Diet Food
* Other Small Animal Products

Large Animal

* Obstetrics
* Consultation
* Age Source Verification
* Fertility Testing
* Artificial Insemination
* Ultrasound
* Nutrition
* Full Services Laboratory
* Preventative Healthcare
* Many Surgical Procedures
* Portable Radiology
* Equine Dental Powerfloat
* Convenient Haul-In Facilities


Professional grooming is available at our clinic from Chapman Grooming.  The groomers, Shirley Chapman and George Chapman, work hard to meet their clients' needs and wants for their pets. They work with a variety of dogs and cats ranging from small to large and young to old.  Generally, their services include the clip, bath, comb out, nail trim, anal sac expression and accessories.  Medicated skin treatments and coat conditioning treatments are also available upon request or recommended from your veterinarian.


Dogs, cats, and small exotic animals are frequent boarders at our hospital. Accommodations include lodging in our temperature controled kennel building with cages which are suited to the size of your pet, Hill’s Science Diet food (owners may bring their own food), fresh water always available, exercise runs, and a bath prior to discharge. The kennels are cleaned and sanitized every morning and as needed throughout the day.

*Please call in advance if you are planning on boarding your pet; our available kennels quickly fill up especially during the holidays.

*IMPORTANT: We require all of our boarders be current on their vaccinations.  For dogs: DA2PP, Kennel Cough, and Rabies; for Cats: FeLV, Distemper, and Rabies

Exotic Animal

We offer a variety of services to our exotic animal and wildlife patients ranging from general health exams and beak trims to some surgical procedures.