29 Jan: Sandhills Calving Method

Cows are turned into the first calving pasture as soon as the first calves are born, and calving continues for two weeks. After two weeks, the cows that haven’t calved are moved to Pasture 2, with cow-calf pairs remaining behind in Pasture 1.

28 Aug: Fall Dangers

It’s officially football season, and everyone loves hosting the game. Unfortunately, we see a lot of upset stomachs during the fall because of table scraps and dangerous foods that guests give pets.

28 Aug: Preconditioning Fall Calves

As we “fall” into this next season football games and pumpkin spice lattes fill the air. Although these two things are very important (I totally have to have a shot of pumpkin spice in my hot chocolate, and my husband has football on all weekend) it is also time to start thinking about your calves on pasture.


Anaplasmosis is a Rickettsial orgamism “Anaplasma marginale” that affects the red blood cells. Affected red blood cells are attacked and removed from circulation causing fever and severe anemia, which can lead to death.


Most of you will have weaned your spring calves by the time you read this article. So, how did they do? The common answer is, “Well, they weaned at so many pounds.” This is like asking a college football addict to describe his team’s last game with one statistic — there are many other factors to tally other than calf weaning weight.